mibbi | Co-Producer | independent
Bebendo da MPB e de influências no rock, no trap e no lo-fi, o compositor e produtor musical Felipe Feffer resolveu dar vida ao projeto mibbi. A experimental e intrigante sonoridade é apresentada no homônimo EP de estreia.
alexa bomtempo: suspiro
Music Consultant | ropeadope records
Recorded in Brooklyn, NY and mixed by the legendary engineer Scotty Hard (Elza Soares, Arto Lindsay, Medeski, Martin and Wood), Suspiro invites you into a rich repertoire featuring songs by contemporary Brazilian songwriters, distinctive covers of American and Brazilian standards, and new originals by Alexia Bomtempo.
Onda Mundial: Desorden Y Progresso (2020)
onda mundial | Co-Producer | digital album
A intenção da Onda Mundial é transcender o senso de identidade, além dos estereótipos associados a alguns gêneros musicais ou narrativas. Neste encontro de ideais acontece a magia, o choque de conceitos que impulsionam a cultura invencível que parte de uma cidade e se expande pelo mundo.
Aline Muniz: Bpm Brazilian Pop Music
Co-Producer | independent
BPM é um álbum que entrega, a um público novo, quem é Aline Muniz, como um relfexo da transformação da artista.
Various Artists | Co-Producer | E1 Entertainment
Every collaboration sounds downright elated, and the cross-cultural derangement of Tropicália easily shine through these 21st-century revamps.
Jon Pareles, The New York Times (July, 2011)
The new record is the contemporary equal of the original, its tracks brimming with energy and vitality.
Martin Johnson, The Wall Street Journal (July, 2011)
AIDS is totally preventable; people just need to be constantly reminded. The Red Hot projects do that with great style and amazing music.
Sian Rowe, The Guardian (June, 2011)
Anti-Virus Musical
Carlos Albuquerque, O Globo (April, 2011)
Various Artists | Co-Producer | Verve Records | Universal Music
One of the benefit series’ finest albums to date.
Billboard (October 19, 1996)
#2 Compilation of the Year
The Village Voice 1996 Jazz & Pop Critics Poll
Inspiring and modern-sounding tribute… eclectic mix of artists.
EW (October 10, 1996)
A Standout single CD that is hard to beat.
The Beat Magazine (January 1997)
Taking a stroll on World Music’s wild side in bedroom slippers rather than mountaineering boots.
Interview (October 1996)
Offers an entertaining glimpse into the future of a genre that seemed nostalgic even when it was new.
San Francisco Chronicle
onda sonora:  RED HOT + lisbon
Various Artists | Co-Producer | Movieplay Discos
A strikingly intelligent record.
The New York Times (July 23, 1999)
A Challenging Album.
Time Magazine (August 30, 1999)
A rhythm nation whose citizens are encouraged to jump borders.
Entertainment Weekly
Music that conveys the sense that art – and unfortunately AIDS –
knows no ethnic boundaries.
Billboard Magazine
Gorgeous companion piece to Red Hot + Rio.
BEBEL GILBERTO | Tanto tempo
Co-Producer | A&R | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
Two Latin Grammy Nominations (World Music, Best Brazilian Album) 2001
Accurately perceived by retailers as a certified hit (on a wholly independent label)…Tanto Tempo has proved to be pop music’s little engine that could.
Billboard (January 27, 2001)
#3 Top World Music Albums
Billboard Magazine (February 24, 2001)
The Biggest-selling album by a Brazilian artist in North America possibly since
Sergio Mendes in the 1960’s.
The New York Times (November 5, 2000)
…A Sultry set of 60’s Bossa Nova serenades with slow, spiked come-hither
electronic dance beats.
Fortune Magazine
Co-Producer | A&R | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
BEBEL GILBERTO | Tanto tempo remixes
Co-Producer | A&R | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
If you already own Tanto Tempo, consider Remixes an essential companion piece.
If you don’t – well, get off your skinny ass, hit the record store, and make a
much-needed investment in your aural health
A great album made even better... 9/10 stars!
Tanto Tempo Remixes stands as a great example of integrating a classic sound
with tomorrow’s technology and creative minds.
BPM Culture
The result is a consistency of style rare in the remix world, making this less
an overhaul than a most satisfying alternative version.
NY Newsday
BEBEL GILBERTO | bebel gilberto
Co-Producer | A&R | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
The summer’s sexiest CD.
Glamour (2004)
Gilberto is an organic princess in a digital world.
Gilberto at her most assured and distinct.
Entertainment Weekly
One of the most emotionally charged albums of the year.
New York Post
She has truly arrived as an artist.
San Francisco Bay Guardian
A&R | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
Debut at #2 
Billboard World Music Charts (June, 2005)
celso fonseca | natural
Co-Producer | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
Intoxicating chill-out set that revels in lounge-jazz’s feel-good-grandeur.
Boston Herald (April, 2003)
Smooth, smart and casually sensual.
The Washington Post (April, 2003)
Celebrating the legacy of Bossa Nova in a debonair set.
The London Times (March, 2003)
The Guardian, UK (March, 2003)
If (Oscar) Niemeyer made music, it would sound like this.
London Telegraph (March, 2003)
angelique kidjo | black ivory soul
Music Consultant | Sony Music
This is Kidjo’s best work to date, a fine affirmation for an artist who has stayed the course, bucked the trends, and come out exactly where she belongs: on top.
Afropop Worlwide (2002)
Her varied cultural influences come together in a beautiful ethnic tapestry called
“Black Ivory Soul.”
New York Post (March, 2002)
The album explores the musical connection and kinship between Africa and Brazil, specifically her home country of Benin and the Brazilian state of Bahia.
CNN (June 2002)
One of the most emotionally charged albums of the year.
New York Post
Black Ivory Soul might just be her most consistent and satisfying effort to date
All Music (2002)
SUBA | São Paulo Confessions
A&R | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
A further example of the emergent style that is fast becoming recognized as the shiny new soundtrack to Latin American life in the 90’s
The London Times (February, 1999)
The perfect fusion of past, present and future.
Paper Magazine
SUBA | Tributo
A&R | Producer | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
Music that could make the world fall in love all over again with the idea of high-rise chic
Daily Telegraph UK (June 2002)
3,5 out of 5 stars
Rolling Stone
4 out of 5 stars
Vibe Magazine
Another Breakthrough for Brazilian Electronica
Pulse (June, 2002)
os mutantes | everything is possible
Music Compiler with David Byrne | Luaka Bop Records
Os Mutantes’ music is as original and beautiful as anything being made anywhere… and yet it’s always pop… and pop at its very best and most innovative.
Spin Magazine
4,5 out of 5 stars
Rolling Stone (June, 1999)
Music Supervisor | Miramax Films | Verve Records
# 5 Top Jazz Albums
Billboard  (October, 1998)
sambasoul 70! | various artists
compiler | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
In the 16 songs on this album, the results are nothing short of euphoric, as Carnaval revs up the sex machine and Superfly does the samba. Instrumentals take action-movie soundtracks on location to Rio , where the wah-wah meets the tambourine; songs mesh smooth Brazilian melody with pinpoint riffs.
The New York Times
This is the Album of the Summer.
Time Out London (April, 2001)
Samba Soul 70! Is without question, the strongest set of Brazilian soul to hit our shores, and a necessity for anyone curious about these hard-to-find oldies.
SF Weekly
One of the most emotionally charged albums of the year.
New York Post
More than just a good comp, this is the gateway to some amazing new musical vistas”
9 out of 10. 
Montreal Mirror
BRASIL 2MIL | The Soul Of Bass-O-Nova
Various Artists | Compiler | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
Béco Dranoff and Marc Hollander craft some truly inspired hybrids.
Rhythm Magazine (December ,1999)
Ultra-Groovy compilation of electronic meets-organic cut featuring some of the influential young artists shaping the new sound of Brazilian music
Keyboard Magazine (March 2002)
Terrific album…could be one of the sounds of the summer.
The Independent, UK (February 21, 1999)
ZIRIGUIBOOM | The Now Sound Of Brazil 1 & 2
Various Artists | Compiler | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
Ziriguiboom is the leading source for modern-age Brazilian Music… This year’s first essential global chill-out excursion. Cool and Innovative.
Billboard (January 2003)
One of the best chroniclers of modern Brazilian music, the hip Ziriguiboom label has discovered such diverse and talented artists as Bebel Gilberto, Zuco 103 and Apollo Nove, providing a stamp of quality on every album it issues.
Tad Hendrickson / Amazon.com
Jazz, house, electro and breakbeats get the world treatment and the result is a colorful and fun representation of contemporary Brazilian music.
San Fransico Examiner
CIBELLE | Cibelle
A&R | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
… more interesting than Morcheeba, more curious than Beth Orton. Tasty.
Time Out New York (July, 2003)
A wonderfully quirky bossa nova album with post-modern knobs, bells and buzzers on
The Independent, UK
Imagine ‘The Girl From Ipanema’ in Terry Gilliam’s futuristic Brazil.
Rolling Stone (September 2003)
Like Sade with a better voice.
The Boston Globe
Redefines contemporary Brazilian music.
San Francisco Examiner (July 2003)
A&R | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
A very special talent. Music of no particular origin
Blues & Soul
A superb debut … An audacious record… adding elements of nu-jazz and pop psychedelia to the dazzling mix…
The Times UK
Thrilling: light and easy on the ear, but full of ideas… It’s simultaneously like nothing on earth and everything you’ve heard before. This summer, the sound of Cibelle will be percolating out of every hip coffe bar, lounge and clothes shop
The Independent UK
Cibelle’s glittering voice oozes sweet seduction and signals the arrival of
a major new star.
HMV Choice UK
Various Artists | Co-Producer | Movieplay Discos
Not Samba + Electronica…Better. 4 stars.
This is probably the most genuine and integrated selection of Brazilian digi-beats… Caipirissima offers a clear view of the future without compromising the riches of the past. 8,5 / 10
Montreal Mirror (2000)
This perfect-for-summer comp stirs up a zesty concoction of exotic Brazilian flavors mixed with global electronics (and large doses of experimentationalism).
David Opdyke / Sypderbytes.com 
Mauricio Pessoa: Habitat (2012)
Sony Music| Co-Producer | independent
Com safra de inéditas de alta qualidade, o álbum reitera a grande inspiração do cancioneiro autoral do artista.

Co-Producer | Sambismo | For 2011 Release
Co-Producer | Mauricio Pessoa | Habitat | Independent | NY
Compiler | Contempo Boutique | Promotional Compilation | Salvador | Brasil
Compiler | SambaRoots | Sambazon Juices | Benefit Compilation
Compiler | Smoking Brazil Deluxe | Smoking Rolling Paper | ST2 Brasil
Compiler | The Pure Spirit | Sagatiba Cachaça | Promotional Compilation
A&R | DJ Dolores | Um Real | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Discs
A&R | Executive Producer| Bebel Gilberto | Momento| Ziriguiboom | Crammed
A&R | Cibelle | The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
A&R | Apollo Nove | Res Inexplicata Volans | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
Co-Compiler | Now Sound Of Brazil 2 | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Discs
Music Direction | ‘Costumes By God’ | ChameckiLerner Dance @ DTW NY
A&R | Rive Gauche Rio | Celso Fonseca | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Discs
A&R | Aparelhagem | DJ Dolores | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Discs
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Co-Compiler | Now Sound Of Brazil 1 | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Discs
A&R | Samba Rock | Beleza Beleza Beleza | Trio Mocotó | Ziriguiboom
Co-Producer | Rio-Lisboa | António Chainho | Movieplay Discos
Co-compiler | SambaSoul70! | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Discs
Co-compiler | Brasil2Mil | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Discs
A&R | Outro Lado | Tales Of High Fever | One Up | Whaa!! | Zuco 103
A&R Cibelle | Cibelle | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Discs
A&R | São Paulo Confessions| Suba | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Dsics
A&R | Revisited Classics | Suba | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Discs
Music Consultant | Red Hot + Riot | Fela Kuti Tribute | MCA Records
Executive Producer | A&R | Bebel Gilberto | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
Co-producer | Natural | Celso Fonseca | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Discs
Co-producer | Tributo | Suba | Ziriguiboom | Crammed Discs
Co-producer | Tanto Tempo Remixes | Bebel | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
Co-producer | Tanto Tempo | Bebel Gilberto | Ziriguiboom | Crammed
Music Consultant | Black Ivory Soul | Angelique Kidjo | Sony Music
Music Supervision | ‘Next Stop Wonderland’ soundtrack | Miramax | Verve
Co-producer | Silêncio = Muerte | Red Hot + Latin | HOLA Recordings
Music Consultant | Eu Tiro É Onda | Marcelo D2 | Sony Music
Music Consultant | Ostinato | Dominique Dalcan | Island France
Co-compiler (w| David Byrne) | The Best Of Os Mutantes | Luaka Bop
Co-producer | CSNZ Remixes | Chico Science & Nação Zumbi | Sony
Compiler | Caipiríssima: Batucada Eletrônica | Caipirinha Records
Compiler | Red Hot On Portugal | Movieplay Discos
Co-producer | Onda Sonora: Red Hot + Lisbon | Movieplay Discos
Co-compiler | Novabossa | Verve Records
Co-producer | Red Hot + Rio | Verve Records

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