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In the dark days of 1987, America was six years into the AIDS epidemic, a crisis that was still largely being ignored both by government officials and health organizations — until the sudden emergence of the activist group ACT UP in Greenwich Village, New York, largely made up of HIV-positive participants who refused to die without a fight. Along with TAG (Treatment Action Group), and emboldened by the power of rebellion, they took on the challenges that public officials had ignored, raising awareness of the disease through a series of dramatic protests. More remarkably, they became recognized experts in virology, biology, and pharmaceutical chemistry.Their efforts would see them seize the reins of federal policy from the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and NIH (National Institutes of Health), force the AIDS conversation into the 1992 presidential election, and guide the way to the discovery of effective AIDS drugs that turned an HIV diagnosis from a death sentence into a chance to live long and healthy lives.First-time director David France culls from a huge amount of never-before-seen archival footage — most of it shot by the protestors themselves (31 videographers are credited) — to create not just an historical document, but an intimate and visceral recreation of the period through the very personal stories of some of ACT UP and TAG’s leading participants. How to Survive a Plague captures both the joy and terror of those days, and the epic day-by-day battles that finally made AIDS survival possible.

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beyond ipanemaimdb

The feature documentary “BEYOND IPANEMA: Brazilian Waves In Global Music” is a mash-up of ideas about the cycle of discovery of Brazilian music around the world. Through exclusive interviews with David Byrne, Devendra Banhart, M.I.A., Os Mutantes, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé, Seu Jorge, Thievery Corporation, Bebel Gilberto, CSS, Creed Taylor and many others, BEYOND PANEMA surveys the Brazilian music experience from Carmen Miranda through today. Artists, producers, DJs and critics analyze how cultural sampling and globalization; have helped Brazil to secure a unique position in modern global culture. Written and co-produced by Béco Dranoff and director Guto Barra.

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beyond ipanema + canal brasilimdb

BEYOND IPANEMA: Brazilian Waves In Global Music was adapted to the television in a partnership with CANAL BRASIL. This series of 13 episodes includes exclusive unseen footage and interviews with all the artists involved on the project. 

BEYOND IPANEMA + CANAL BRASIL Featured Episode: The influence of Brazilian Music in Japan

next stop wonderlandimdb

“For the film Next Stop Wonderland, director Brad Anderson hit upon the idea of using Brazilian music to color the background of a searching-for-love tale. So this soundtrack album combines original music by Claudio Ragazzi with new recordings of the standards by Bebel Gilberto and Vinicius Cantuariaand various scraps, often obscure ones, from PolyGram's vast Brazilian holdings.”

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red hot + rio

Red Hot + Rio is a contemporary tribute to the Bossa Nova sounds that has seduced people around the globe for decades, in particular the music of the great composer and arranger Antonio Carlos Jobim. This transcontinental pop record puts a modern spin on the magical ambiance and music that was Ipanema in the 60’s.

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